15 January 2011

Smells like coffee

(Ok, so that was my lame attempt at a Nirvana reference.
Simply because the coffee served here will take you there.)

Ever walked into a Starbucks and thought, "It smells like a Mocha Frappacino" or "I just love the aroma of Pumpkin Spice Lattes"? Most likely you have. But when was the last time you stepped into the store with the green sign and thought, "Gee, this place smells like fresh ground coffee"? ...

Can't remember, can you? That's because it probably hasn't happened in a long time. If ever.

Smelling fresh ground - make that fresh roasted - coffee is always a guarantee at Coffee Roasters. Also guaranteed is friendly service and fantastic tasting coffee! Bob was kind enough to give us Cliff's Notes on coffee roasting - why coffee sometimes tastes burnt, how they grow coffee to be flavored, etc. ... Oh what's that? Did you think I was going to tell you? Pish! Go see Bob at Coffee Roasters to find out.

I had a Brazilian roast my first visit and an Ethiopian Yirgacheffe on the second. My hubby and I were astounded at the bouquet of flavors found it the latter. To best experience the subtle hint of citrus (I say, lemon to be exact, but I may be wrong) drink it black - which really is the only way to drink coffee in my book (or blog).

Word on the street is they may be moving. So if you don't live in Mandarin, check their site before trekking across the river. However, if you're questioning whether it's worth the drive in the first place, allow me to reassure you; it is.

Roasting is done on site! Ask for a tour!

You can buy the beans, but you can't buy Alf
(2nd shelf up from the bottom on right)

Sit and play a spell!

Happy Eating! Tchau!

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