25 February 2009

Oh the pizza I'll eat!

There are many things that I love about life.  I mean really, truly LOVE.  (I tend to avoid 'all caps' so if I use it, you know I'm serious.)  Rather than listing all of them, I will choose one for today...Food.  I simply adore food.  My dream is to be a great chef.  Since that is not likelyto happen in this life, I will be content with being a decent home-chef.  

To have truly great fun, I try concocting things from whatever happens to be in my fridge and cupboard.  This morning, for instance, as I frantically skampered around my kitchen trying to throw something in a bag for lunch, all while running late for work, I remembered that I had a half open jar of Classico Tomato Basil spaghetti sauce and a fresh loaf of Publix french bread.   Then came the hunt...I found some feta cheese, grape tomatoes, tuscan olives, pre-sliced pepperoni and cheddar cheese.  

Today at lunch this is the scrumptuous feast I consumed as slowly as possible to savor every bite.  It may not look like much, but oh my stars, it was delicious, delectable and down-right delightful.  

At this point, I shall wheel myself back to work.  It's a wonder I'm not the size of a barn. 

23 February 2009

If I had a camera...

my blog would be a bit more colorful.   I haven't felt like posting anything lately.  There could be a number of reasons I suppose.  The first, of course, is that my life is just not that interesting.   Eh, that statement is not entirely true.  I'll rephrase it by saying that my life would probably not seem that interesting to other people.  But many wonderful things do happen in my life.  

For instance, I baked two beautiful Carrot Souffles this past Saturday.  I was feeling terribly under the weather, but my family was celebrating my in-laws 40-somethingth anniversary and I promised I would provide a side dish.  Unfortunately, I overdid myself by sweating it out in the kitchen and was unable to attend said dinner.  The end result, however, was marvelous.   I would love to show it to you, but, well, I don't have a camera.

The recipe is from my great-grandmother.  It's simply delicious.  The trick to the consistency was using my VitaMix instead of a food processor.  Here are the details:

Carrot Souffle'
Makes 12 servings

3 lbs Carrots (peeled and chopped)
6 eggs
1 1/2 cups butter or margarine
3 cups sugar
1/2 cup all-purpose unbleached flour
1 tbls baking powder
1 tsp cinnamon
1 cup chopped walnuts (my own personal touch)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  Cook carrots in boiling water for 15 minutes or until tender.  Place in blender/food processor (preferably something very powerful like a VitaMix)  with next 6 ingredients.   Spray two 2 qt. souffle dishes with Pam and pour mixture into dishes.  Sprinkle all over with walnuts.  Bake for 1 hour.  Watch clock with much anticipation.  Remove from oven and ENJOY!

We even ate it for breakfast the next day.  

So I suppose this was at least somewhat interesting.  I should post more often.