09 October 2011

The Village Bread Cafe

I should start by saying that I love when a restaurant serves breakfast all day.  It just makes sense.  Why stop serving breakfast foods?   Who determined that eggs, pancakes, grits, hashbrowns, etc, etc, had to be eaten only before 11am.  Or even worse... 10:30am!? I say we stick it to the man and declare that all restaurants serving breakfast should serve it all day long!  Heck!  Why not serve foods like pizza and cold chicken with it?  Those are great foods to munch in the morning.  

Anyway, let’s get my train of thought back on track.  Especially considering the fact that Village Bread Cafe serves breakfast... wait for it... ALL DAY!!  

Now, what makes the above rant even funnier is that I’ve never actually ordered their breakfast.  My hubby feasted upon gigantic, puffy pancakes that were about to float off his plate.  And my Dad has enjoyed their eggs & grits with toast (baked in house), but I’ve never actually partaken of the breakfast goods.

To be completely honest, I’m a one trick pony with their food.  I always, always get the Village Veggie  Pizza with a side of Slaw (and occasionally a salad, as seen below).   Believe me, there is a reason for that.  It is absolutely, without a doubt, as sure as the day is long, the best personal size pizza in Jacksonville.  It’s not traditional pizza crust. Rather it’s baked on ciabatta (also made in house), but my oh my it is amazing.  The goat cheese and mozzarella, piled high with fresh tomatoes, red onions and olives.  I’m salivating just thinking about it.  We intend to go there for dinner next week. Maybe I’ll try something new.  Like breakfast.

Check these out and do some salivating of your own...

(look at that fluff!)

Happy Eating!

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