13 December 2010

It's all about the burgers!

Something about Jackson's draws me at the oddest times of day. So far, I have only eaten at a normal mealtime once. Every other time it's 2 or 3 o'clock in the afternoon. The appeal of burgers and the triumph of enjoying a good beer in the middle of the day is too strong to deny. The don't have a huge selection on tap, but they do have a few local brews from Bold City Brewery.

The burgers; how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I have to say that I don't think I have ever had such a scrumptious sculpture of grilled beef anywhere else. Ever. In truth, every item on their menu is delicious. The staff is very attentive and make you feel like the only person in the room.

Just a few gripes: Unfortunately, their hours aren't so great. They close way too early for my taste. Also the music is horrible - like the soundtrack to a 80s B-movie. Really, REALLY bad. But if my taste buds are relishing a cheeseburger on pretzel bread with fries, who cares what my ears think, right?

Our last visit we did opt out of the norm (burgers) and added a little variety to our diet.
The Chicken Avocado Sandwich with Fries

The Portobello Mushroom Burger and House Salad with Bleu Cheese Dressing

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10 December 2010

Momma's Muffins & More: It's that time of year. You know what time I'm tal...

Since my dear Mother quotes my recipe in her blog, I just wanted to share... Yay Fruitcake!

Momma's Muffins & More: It's that time of year. You know what time I'm tal...: "It's that time of year. You know what time I'm talking about. It's Fruit Cake time!!! Now, if you're anything like me, that means nothing mo..."

03 December 2010

Hendersonville delivered!

Hendersonville, NC delivered more than expected. It had a few shops that resembled the typical tourist trap, but they were few and far between. All in all the place had the feel of a shrunken Asheville. Artists, coffee shops, pubs and a view of the mountains round out a right nice little town.

The Black Rose Pub

This cozy little tavern is situated in the heart of the historic district. They have a decent beer selection with a few local brews to choose from. And I highly recommend the Spinach & Artichoke dip! I believe it's made with cream cheese, which makes it extra creamy & cheesy. Oh yeah!

The staff was very nice, albeit a bit slow. But it is a pub and most of the patrons plan to gather a few strands of moss while watching some foosball (yes, I said foosball) on the tube with a brew... so no big rush, right?
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The Black Bear Coffee Co.

Why can't we have a place like this in Jacksonville? It was lined comfy couches and chairs, the staff was fabulous, the scones & coffee were scrumptious, and the general ambiance was very relaxing...even while packed with people! I had a Blueberry Scone and, like a complete foodie dork, scarfed the thing down before I could take any pictures. I plate of sad little crumbs was all I had left on the table, but I walked out with a belly full of joy!

Aaahhhh... Well, that was all for Hendersonville! I wish we had more time to enjoy the city, but that just means we'll have to go back!

Happy Eating!

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29 November 2010

Sweet Carolinas!

Our long weekend in North Carolina produced a wellspring of tasty dishes coupled with heady drinks. We mixed in lots of good conversation with great pals and overall had a splendid time. Just thinking about it inspires the overindulgence of multiple adjectives.

I will be posting several restaurant reviews; all but one are good. Unfortunately, I'm not as camera happy as I should have been, so I failed to take pictures of the delightful dishes we cooked up at the cabin. What a pity! We had Chicken Chili with cheese, Greek yogurt and (a new favorite addition) Fritos on Thursday. Friday evening we chowed down on Merlot Apple Chicken and Rice - in the slow cooker: chicken thighs, merlot, pinot, apples, olives, red onions, oregano and basil.

The trip was what a vacation should be; no itinerary, no stress. The best of God's creations, baby; Mountains & Food.

Hug 'em if ya got 'em!

Happy Eating!

23 November 2010

Engage Thrusters!

Surreal - adj. - having the disorienting, hallucinatory quality of a dream; unreal; fantastic

This is how I would define the event that took place on our otherwise mundane drive home from our Portuguese meeting. Tell me; what do you see?

If you said "Bright lights and a UTO (unidentified towed object)!" I would say, "Exactamente!" If you said "Butterflies and candy canes!" I would suggest you call your shrink first thing tomorrow.

Back to the awesomeness that is a FIGHTER JET in the middle of Roosevelt Blvd. It appeared to be out of commission, but was an incredible sight nonetheless. It left the base and continued about a mile down the highway; the wingspan covering all three lanes! Check out the picture and live video footage below...

(My apologies for the poor quality. My camera does NOT take good video!)

19 November 2010

Painting the Park

How does this sound?

A pro-photographer friend says, "Wanna gather some pals, buy some paint and throw it at each other?"

I say, "Heck yes!" Ordered organic paint - can't harm the animals and earth at the park - called up my sisters, told them to keep a tight lip and planned an anniversary gift for my Mom & Step-Dad.

We walked, jumped, hurled (paint, that is) and laughed until we could barely move. Scrubbing the paint out of my 10 year old sister's hair was fun too. We could leave no evidence of the event as it was a surprise.

The present was a hit! To top it off, we bought them a photoshoot of their own from my gal-pal-picture-taker.

Check out more of her work at

17 November 2010

The Muffin Momma

Our service group was graced with a delightful treat this past Tuesday. My Mom, Amber - or should I say the "Momma" of Momma's Muffins & More - presented us with a magnificent spread of muffins, large and small. Three sweet and one savory: Apple Streusel, Cranberry, Maple Nut (I named these "Sunday Morning" muffins because they taste like the perfect Sunday breakfast) & Bell Pepper Biscuits.

The mini-muffins were great for those of us with choice paralysis.

Chicken & Cranberry Salad on Homemade Oatmeal & Molasses Bread,
served with toppings and pasta salad. Yum!

Menu and a modest tip jar; good ingredients are expensive!

Can't forget the coffee!

Great food + great friends = The Perfect Lunch

Thanks again, Momma!

P.S. Take a looksie at Momma's Menu. I dare you not to drool!

Happy Eating!

15 November 2010


My second trip to Gibbs on Riverside Ave brought as much joy and satisfaction as the first. To begin, the staff is unbelievably nice and accommodating. The food is prepared at the speed of light and the sandwiches are generously packed with meat and veggies. All in all, you definitely get what you pay for.

The first trip - no pictures, sorry - was a delicious experience with "Chicken Parmesan" served piping hot on a flaky white bread that was heavenly. The second rendezvous was with the "Broadway" - oven roasted turkey, seasoned fillet of roast beef & melted provolone - can I get a YUM? My stepmom had the "Chicken Salad" and was equally pleased.

Pork Chop's Opinion:
I read in one review on urbanspoon.com that it had "religious paraphernalia". The napkin holders have quotes by a score of different people - all of them upbuilding, feel-good thoughts - but above the drink station is an 8 x 10 frame with a few Bible verses. Hardly religious paraphernalia.

I apologize for the mediocre pictures, but my camera was on hiatus.

I love the 3 wheelin' delivery bike!


Chicken Salad

Not to be redundant, but I cannot express in words the perfect flakiness of the bread. One must experience it for oneself.

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04 November 2010


It's me! Seriously! Urbanspoon Rocks!!

And now I'm legit.

Thanks Greg!

25 October 2010

The Good Dog

This is NOT your typical Oscar Mayer weiner. Reasonably priced and presented in an eclectic venue in the heart of Chattanooga, these dogs aren't just good; they're down right heavenly!

Our hungry bellies were enticed by the fact that there is no upcharge for a veggie dog instead of all-beef. So while my hubby enjoyed "The Topped Dog" - veggie dog, bright green sweet relish, onions, and yellow mustard - I savored "Weiss' New York Street Cart 'Dirty Water' Dog" - Bertman's brown, onion sauce, and kraut. And we easily split a large order of frites - that's "fries" for all you Good Dog virgins.

To make your frite-eating experience a little easier, they've excavated several holes in each table for your cone of fries to rest. Plunge your frites into dozens of different hot-sauces, mustards, even Curried Ketchup - tomatoes blended, but still slightly chunky, with curry. Frite-fully delicious!

From the kitchen to the bathroom - check out the nifty sign- The Good Dog has quickly become a Chattanooga tradition for my hubby and me!

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29 September 2010

Nugget Thief

Pure joy is a day in the ministry with my Sophie! She is a little trooper and always keeps us laughing.

About a year ago, I started calling her my Chicken Nugget. A silly pet name, I know. But she stole it from me! And now when she sees me, from across the room she yells "K'Nugget!" Quizzical expressions blossom on the faces of those around. And so I must tell my story of how she stole the nickname right out from under me.

Alas, one look at that face and all is forgiven.

28 August 2010


Well, they may not be as good when microwaved, but when you don't have a gas stove (or a campfire) you learn to adjust.

They are still quite a sight to behold...a drippy, sticky, crunchy, chewy, lovely sight.


Yes, I did just say that. Look, if Beyonce can make up new words, then so can I!
Especially when it comes to food...

These delicious morsels are from a cozy little coffee house called Rembrandt's in Chattanooga, TN. Beautiful, aren't they?

Although I felt like I had eaten a brick when it was all said and done, it was worth every enormous bite!

12 March 2010

A year ago...

It's almost been a whole year since last I posted. What have I been doing? My life must have been terribly busy, each moment of each day filled with important activities, that can be the only reason I have not written a thing.

Perhaps that is true. I should keep up with it however. Maybe I'll be the next Julie Powell. Hah! That does lead to an interesting question though.

Who would they find to play me in a movie about my life?

That is something I must ponder another time.

For now, back to work!