23 November 2010

Engage Thrusters!

Surreal - adj. - having the disorienting, hallucinatory quality of a dream; unreal; fantastic

This is how I would define the event that took place on our otherwise mundane drive home from our Portuguese meeting. Tell me; what do you see?

If you said "Bright lights and a UTO (unidentified towed object)!" I would say, "Exactamente!" If you said "Butterflies and candy canes!" I would suggest you call your shrink first thing tomorrow.

Back to the awesomeness that is a FIGHTER JET in the middle of Roosevelt Blvd. It appeared to be out of commission, but was an incredible sight nonetheless. It left the base and continued about a mile down the highway; the wingspan covering all three lanes! Check out the picture and live video footage below...

(My apologies for the poor quality. My camera does NOT take good video!)

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