19 November 2010

Painting the Park

How does this sound?

A pro-photographer friend says, "Wanna gather some pals, buy some paint and throw it at each other?"

I say, "Heck yes!" Ordered organic paint - can't harm the animals and earth at the park - called up my sisters, told them to keep a tight lip and planned an anniversary gift for my Mom & Step-Dad.

We walked, jumped, hurled (paint, that is) and laughed until we could barely move. Scrubbing the paint out of my 10 year old sister's hair was fun too. We could leave no evidence of the event as it was a surprise.

The present was a hit! To top it off, we bought them a photoshoot of their own from my gal-pal-picture-taker.

Check out more of her work at

1 comment:

  1. And these photos (as well as the painting) are amazing!!! They are the best gift I've...I mean, we've ever received!!! You girls are beautiful & your gal-pal-picture-taker is the awesomest!!!

    Love ya,
    Mom <3