16 February 2011

Confection Perfection

Goodness me! While sifting through some old pictures the other day, I found a restaurant that I completely forgot. Since it reminds me of one of my favorite places - Asheville, NC - I decided it would be a travesty to forget it.

True Confections was our "alone" time spot while on our Asheville trip with a couple of good friends. No matter how much we get along, at some point we all want to go in different directions and get some time apart. So that's what we did. Sam and I found this quaint little bakery near the Art District in Asheville. It was cozy and from our window seat we were able to engage in a favorite pastime... People Watching. Which can be crazy fun with all the hippies in Asheville. No offense, hippies! You're just interesting to watch!

Anyway, back to the important stuff: FOOD! Sam indulged with a hearty slice of warm Cherry Pie whilst I snacked on yet another scone, Blueberry or Blackberry; sadly I can't remember because it was so many months ago. Either way, both desserts were delicious!

The staff was pleasant and fast too. Although speed was not on our minds at that point. When I get to go back, I hope to keep my seat in the window a little longer next time.

Happy Eating! Tchau!

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