15 November 2010


My second trip to Gibbs on Riverside Ave brought as much joy and satisfaction as the first. To begin, the staff is unbelievably nice and accommodating. The food is prepared at the speed of light and the sandwiches are generously packed with meat and veggies. All in all, you definitely get what you pay for.

The first trip - no pictures, sorry - was a delicious experience with "Chicken Parmesan" served piping hot on a flaky white bread that was heavenly. The second rendezvous was with the "Broadway" - oven roasted turkey, seasoned fillet of roast beef & melted provolone - can I get a YUM? My stepmom had the "Chicken Salad" and was equally pleased.

Pork Chop's Opinion:
I read in one review on urbanspoon.com that it had "religious paraphernalia". The napkin holders have quotes by a score of different people - all of them upbuilding, feel-good thoughts - but above the drink station is an 8 x 10 frame with a few Bible verses. Hardly religious paraphernalia.

I apologize for the mediocre pictures, but my camera was on hiatus.

I love the 3 wheelin' delivery bike!


Chicken Salad

Not to be redundant, but I cannot express in words the perfect flakiness of the bread. One must experience it for oneself.

Gibbs N.Y. Style Subs and Salads on Urbanspoon
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  1. It was actually my review on Urbanspoon that made reference to the religious propaganda at Gibbs. Some people are deeply offended by this, since the overt displays of Christian 'piety' are often linked to aggressive intolerance and hatred, culminating in acts of violence against gays and lesbians. I just wanted to give the gentle and good folks of Riverside, many of whom RESPECT diversity, a heads-up that this establishment displays these banners of hatred.

    I write this comment as a law abiding citizen who is forbidden from marrying the man whom he loves and has been with for 9 years, and forbidden from sharing health insurance benefits and many other legal protections. Those legal impediments were not created by atheists or agnostics, they were put in place by so-called 'Christians' who practice pure hatred on a daily basis.

  2. Frederick, thank you for posting. While I’m not trying to use my blog to promulgate my religious beliefs (I rather speak face to face), I will say that I am a Christian and have been one of Jehovah’s Witnesses for 8 years. While I agree with the Bible’s view on all issues of morality - not just involving homosexuality - I DO NOT condone or promote hatred toward gays, lesbians or anyone who does not share my beliefs. And frankly, neither do the true teachings of Christ. It is disgusting to see those who carry the so-called “Christian flag” condone hatred of any kind...and sadly, there is plenty of it out there.

    That being said, I don’t think a few Bible verses would offend anyone as long as they are not directly referring to a controversial topic. Just as a quote from Charles Darwin, Richard Dawkins or Douglas Adams - by the way, one of my favorite authors - would not offend me. Perhaps I’m just not easily set off.

    Thank you again for reading my blog and taking the time to respond. I appreciate your candor.

    Tchao and Happy Eating!