25 October 2010

The Good Dog

This is NOT your typical Oscar Mayer weiner. Reasonably priced and presented in an eclectic venue in the heart of Chattanooga, these dogs aren't just good; they're down right heavenly!

Our hungry bellies were enticed by the fact that there is no upcharge for a veggie dog instead of all-beef. So while my hubby enjoyed "The Topped Dog" - veggie dog, bright green sweet relish, onions, and yellow mustard - I savored "Weiss' New York Street Cart 'Dirty Water' Dog" - Bertman's brown, onion sauce, and kraut. And we easily split a large order of frites - that's "fries" for all you Good Dog virgins.

To make your frite-eating experience a little easier, they've excavated several holes in each table for your cone of fries to rest. Plunge your frites into dozens of different hot-sauces, mustards, even Curried Ketchup - tomatoes blended, but still slightly chunky, with curry. Frite-fully delicious!

From the kitchen to the bathroom - check out the nifty sign- The Good Dog has quickly become a Chattanooga tradition for my hubby and me!

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