24 July 2011

Donut feel like forever...

to me it does.

Once again I've put this off for over a month. I'm sure I would be motivated to post more if I knew I had more followers. But since I'll never be Julie Powell I should be content to enjoy posting for the simple pleasure of writing about something I love... life & food. And since life has been busy as of late (fyi: learning a new language is hard) I suppose I'll take a brief moment to blog about the latter.

The specific food of the moment is the all powerful Donut. Not just any donut. It's a Julie Darling Donut. Behold...

The work of art you see here is a Pancake 'n Bacon donut. No, not bacon bits. Puh-lease. These folks do it right. They fry the bacon in house, crumble it up and sprinkle it on the icing like Tinkerbell's fairy dust. Pure magic. And, naturally, if you have donuts, you must serve decent coffee. Once again, Julie Darling did not fail to please. Bold, tasty coffee and a lovely little lounge with couches on which one can sit and enjoy said coffee.

Julie Darling is just one more brick in the wall of evidence that proves Chattanooga is one of the best cities in America.

Enjoy the photos below. And be careful not to let the drool puddle up on the keyboard. It's rather damaging.

Bavarian Cream


Pancake 'n Bacon

Classic Chocolate Frosted

Happy Eating!
(thanks, Megan for the use of your pictures!)

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  1. These are amazing! Does the Pancake 'n Bacon donut have maple frosting? I think I'm going to have to find that recipe :-) The tangerine looks incredible! On your next trip up there, you MUST bring your mother one of those. I'm sure it will keep for a couple of days :-)

  2. Absolutely! And yes, it was maple frosting. And yes, if you find that recipe I will love you for an extra forever...that is a really, really long time.

  3. Well, then, I had better get my buns in gear and find that recipe ;-)

  4. Hello lil' lady! I actually looked about to see if Julie Darling's would ship their goodies to you guys, and it seems to be that delivery is for the "local-yocals" only.

    Maybe some super-nice "yocal" will get her wits about her and send a care package one day, eh?


  5. That would be mighty nice there, darlin'!