25 March 2012

A pancake to inspire

Breakfast is the most wonderfully magical meal.  The natural combination of sweet and savory is the perfect way to start any day.  I was recently inspired by my friend Meg to try a new (and incredibly easy) pancake: The Dutch Baby or German Pancake.  It’s quite simple to whip up and is perfect for 2.  Just follow the recipe and voila!  You have a beautiful conduit for all manner of toppings. 

I like the edges to be a little golden brown.

Topped with peaches soaked in hot maple syrup.  Sweet!

On my next adventure I intend to stuff this Baby with a tasty mixture of ricotta and cream cheese.  I can’t wait!

Cheers! Happy Eating!


  1. Yaaaaay!!!

    Yay for your kitchen!
    Yay for easy, delicious breakfasts that make you feel like a gourmet superstar!

    I am flattered that you tried (and enjoyed!) the recipe, V! And I've been on the lookout for beyond-breakfast adaptations for the "Baby" -- maybe topped with sautéed mushrooms, tomatoes and arugula, and then sprinkled with Romano cheese?

    Mmmm.... served al fresco, jazzy bossa nova music skipping through the air, glasses of white wine twinkling in the sunlight... *fades into oblivion*

  2. Keep talking...

    Yes, that sounds wonderful! I'm going grocery shopping Wednesday morning and will let you know how the sweet extras go once I've acquired them.