29 April 2011

When the moon hits your eye...

like a Carmine's Pizza Pie (or lasagna or manicotti...), that's Amore!

Ate at Carmine's just this evening and had to come home and immediately write the review... no hesitation or procrastination, as usual. This is the second time I've enjoyed this restaurant and like a good wine or cheese, it gets better with age. I only imagine this place will become more and more popular and will join the ranks of Riverside's best eateries.

My hubby and I had a date night, so we started with "a little sumpin' sumpin'" ale (Lagunita's), which was offered on the honor system upon request. By that I mean I asked if we could have a beer while we waited for our table and he said, "Why yes!" No tab necessary, just an honest agreement that we would pay up once we were sat. I dig that kind of service!

So anyway, on to the important stuff... Onion Rings!

The Remoulade dipping sauce completed this trinity of delightfulness. The rings were crispy on the outside with a juicy, sweet burst of onion inside. We forced ourselves to stop a little short, to leave room for the ...bum bum bah!

Done Right Manicotti

I apologize for the messily strewn pasta, but in our greedy haste I forgot to take the picture when it first arrived. Oh well. As you can see, one meal easily feeds two. Stuffed with spinach, ricotta and happy pills (at least that's my opinion), the Manicotti was perfect! The pasta was neither too tough, nor mushy. The harmonious union of tomato sauce with spicy sausage slices was the icing on the cake... not the best analogy, but it will have to do.

All in all, I love this place! The meals might appear to be a little pricey at first glance, but, trust me, it is too much for one and more than enough for two. The atmosphere and service is fantastic too! I can't sing this places praises enough without actually bursting into song.

Happy Eating!

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