11 June 2011

Chattanooga Revisited...

So we are once again in our home away from home. The trip has been exciting to say the least; from jellyfish and penguins to a church on fire to homemade Chicago-style hotdogs. Tons of pictures soon to follow.

But that will have to wait. I leave now to indulge in fish tacos with zesty corn salsa and jalapeno guacamole! Yum!

Bon Ap├ętite!


  1. {With mostly overdone fish due to one cook's consumption of wine *before* said cook's consumption of food!} Ahh, good times...

    Do visit again! : )

  2. How about... say... this weekend? Oh how I wish. We miss you both!

  3. Sure thing! The kitchen's always open! ; )
    We miss you guys too!

    Random thought: Have you tasted, of all places -- Sonic's (!!) Chicago dog? They got it right, poppy seeds and all...