26 April 2012

Happiness is a warm cast iron skillet

So a couple of friends have been going on about how wonderful the Fried Chicken and Waffles are at Metro Diner here in Jacksonville.  And doggone it!  Now I have a hankerin’!  (With talk like that, you’d think I was from the South... oh wait! I am!)

Anyway, I found a simple recipe for Panko Fried Chicken from Eat, Drink, Man.  Pretty straight forward.  But since my waffle maker is still being held hostage (long story), my hubby whipped up a batch of his magically delicious pancakes.

Behold the transformation from naked tenderloins to golden-fried goodness, from blobs of lumpy batter to sun-shaped cakes of happiness. 

And thus was laid before us a feast of such glorious proportions, that we almost felt the need to pray 


While it may appear that I had only three pancakes on my plate, I am ashamed, positively mortified, to tell you how many I ate.  And so I will not!   

Tchau!  Happy Eating!

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