14 June 2012

Tasty indeed...

Could this place possibly have picked a more appropriate name?  I submit that they could not.  Tasty's is the place to go in Fernandina for fresh, messy, sloppy, sauce-running-down-your-wrists burger!  And the fries...  I need a moment... 
ok, I'm back from my fry-dream.  As I was saying, the fries are delectable, delicious and demanding of a lot of napkins.  The place has a great diner feel to it and I love chilling at a picnic table outside.  We watched a storm roll in while feasting like burger kings and queens.  No, not the greasy fast food kind of "burger royalty". The "Fit for Queen Elizabeth's Jubilee" kind of meal.  

Here's where you go to order...

That's where we sat...

And here is what I gorged myself on...

Would you like a closeup?

These fries were incredible... I mean, LOOK at them! They should be outlawed.  I'm not kidding.  Well, maybe I'm kidding, because I would hate to have a criminal record because of french fries.  ANYWAY, what I particularly liked about these babies were the fact that they were Chili Cheese Fries without the chili.  Dusted in chili powder, they give the impression of chili without the soggy, greasy sauce.  The cheese is creamy and melty, but still allows the fries to maintain the perfect consistency... that fantastical realm between soft and crunchy.  Oh yeah, you know what I'm talkin' 'bout. 

I'm not ashamed, well, maybe a little ashamed, to say that I very literally had to cover them with a napkin to keep from hurting myself.  I really wanted to eat every last one and then bang on the door until they served me more.  

Which leads me to one more 'kudos' for Tasty's:  if the customers are coming, they keep cooking.  We arrived at 2:30 not knowing they closed at 2.  However, the very cheerful lady at the counter said that as long as the grill is hot, they keep 'em coming.  How cool is that?!  

My only complaint is that they are in Fernandina... and I'm not. 

Happy Eating!

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  1. Jonathan says, "Think of how *we* feel," a ba-zillion miles away...and for you a simple drive up the coast...!!! (It's always about him, isn't it?)

    I concur -- this place was super fabulous! Note to self: next time leave room for a purple cow milk shake!!

    (Love this post, by the way...I chuckled out loud several times!)

  2. Haha! I can't blame him. We really had a great weekend and I'm glad we found something new with you guys. =) Can't wait to see your blog