10 April 2012

Now that is one BOLD Bean!

My hubby and I just moved into the Riverside area again, after having been away for 4 years. While "away" was really only a couple of miles, it may as well been a hundred for what it felt.

An exciting new addition came to the neighborhood while we were away... Bold Bean Coffee Roasters! This place is coffee nirvana. The old brick building creates the perfect atmosphere for enjoying a brew...coffee or otherwise. They not only serve cups of joe, but have a selection on tap to appease any beer snob.  

The icing on the ambience cake is the music selection. From The Black Keys to Explosions in the Sky to Skynyrd (we had a good laugh when they skipped "Simple Man", but a few bars were played nonetheless), the tunes are diverse but appropriate for a drink with friends or cramming for a test. 

Oh! and one more thing before I move on to the drinks... the prices are GREAT! Gone are the days of the 4 dollar Starbuck latte.  Feast your eyes and eventually your tastebuds on these babies...

Spicy Chocolate Latte & Honey Latte

The Spicy Chocolate feels is sneaky.  The taste of cocoa lulls your tastebuds into a sense of warmth and safety and then WHAM! tiny spicy ninjas kick you in the throat.  It’s an intense and yes, BOLD experience.

The Honey Latte is wholly warm and cozy.  There are no spicy surprises, just a soft blanket of foamy happiness.

Let’s play I Spy... find the origami swan!!

Tchau!  Happy Eating!
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  1. "...and then WHAM! tiny spicy ninjas kick you in the throat!"

    Best. Line. Ever.

    (You know how vivid my imagination is, right? You made me burst with laughter!)

    On another note -- coffee & beer, eh? I'm intrigued. Jon recently mentioned that it is abut time to start concocting this. As the swelter of summer gains momentum, it magically transforms hot, muggy mornings to something refreshingly caffeinated!

    Can't wait to visit you guys! (Yes, a visit is in its infant planning stages...) ; )

  2. Heehee... thank you. I really couldn't think of a better way to describe it.

    Yes! Cold brew... love it.

    Bold Bean serves that as well. And when you come to visit us (yay!), we will take you there.

  3. Love their honey latte! Great to see another Jax foodie blogger around. :)

  4. I love blogging about restaurants! I'm very casual about it (mainly because I need to curb my spending), but I enjoy it indeed.

  5. You really should consider a career in writing! I love your use of adjectives!

  6. Hey veronica! thanks so much for following my blog! I added myself to your followers for a little extra support! :) your writing is so fun by the way!