10 November 2008



It is one of the oldest prepared foods.  For countless centuries mankind has mixed, kneaded and baked bread of all sorts.  Leavened, unleavened.  White, dark.  Whole wheat, whole grain.  Rye, pumpernickel.  Marble Rye....mmmmm.  Now that sounds delicious.  There are quite literally hundreds of different types of bread.  If it is tasty and can be eaten, then most likely it can be baked into a loaf.  

For instance, here is a recipe for Rosemary Olive Bread that sounds lovely and simple, not to mention scrumptious.  There is also Sally Lunn, Cinnamon Apple, Zucchini, Cranberry Orange,...I'm sure I could go on, but you get the idea.  

So considering the many wonders of bread and the happiness that comes from eating it,  why do you suppose someone would choose to railroad themselves by making only two kinds?  Both of which must weigh at least five pounds and make you feel like you have just eaten a baby walrus.  

My father-in-law finds great joy in making, baking and eating bread.  The same kind of bread...all the time - Cinnamon Raisin with Walnuts.  And if you don't eat it, well, you might as well say you just shot his dog because he will be just as heartbroken.  

If though you do like to eat bread so heavy it could crack a skull, then I would be happy to procure a loaf.  After all, he bakes a new one at least every other day.

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  1. You definitely keep me laughing :) BTW, I'd love to try some Rosemary Olive Bread...hint, hint.