30 December 2008


Here is a poem I wrote that is somewhat belated.  But it was still very important that I post it.  Everyone must know how wonderful and simply delightful a certain little cafe in my hometown was.  But times are tough economically and so they recently closed their doors - I'm hoping not for good.  We will miss the beautiful ladies who ran it, as well as the amazing food they served.  It was foodie heaven! 


When we opened the door
Warm smiles and bright faces
Would bid us come in 
To this most loved of places.
As we took our seats,
A quite lovely feeling
Flooded the room 
From floor to ceiling.

On the menu, hand-crafted,
Every dish was a treat
To satisfy all tastes 
Whether savory or sweet.
Sirloin Veggie and Cornbread,
Wally Jack with pepper jelly.
Toss in a Bread Pudding
To fill up that belly!
Or perhaps you prefer
A little salty and sweet,
The Strawberry Pretzel
Makes a great lunch complete.

Yet more than the food
Was the caring fashion
In which it was served
With real zeal and passion.
Four darling sisters
Always aiming to please.
Making everyon feel welcome
Was their true expertise.

But a friend brought word
Of sad news today,
That this wonderful experience
Was not here to stay.
Although doors will be closed
And lights will not shine,
No more afternoon breaks
For desserts so divine,
In our hearts you will stay,
As we bid 'Sayonara'.
We will never forget 
The Sisters' Sbarra.

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  1. That's beautiful :)

    It's too bad they closed. I never got a chance to go back but talked about them to everyone!